About this tribute

In 1997, when I set my first steps on the internet, I discovered there were no sites dedicated to one of my favorite sopranos: Montserrat Figueras. Entering her name in searchengine Alta Vista (stopped by Yahoo on July 8, 2013) showed 17 hits that year. The idea to create a site dedicated to her was born.

Things have changed since then. More sites dedicated to Montserrat Figueras appeared on the internet and Jordi Savall, her husband founded his own label Alia Vox and even an official site was realized.

Because plenty of information on Ms. Figueras and Mr. Savall can be found at Alia Vox these days, my mission to update my Montserrat Figueras site has also come to an end. The contents of the old site and the old discography will remain accessible as a small tribute to Ms. Figueras and Mr. Savall.

© 1997-2013, Mike Heemskerk
The Netherlands
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Montserrat Figueras